Product Video within Product Page
Product Video within Product Page

Product Video within Product Page

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Product Video within Product Page with AltVid alternative

9 Benefits of Using Product Videos on Your Shopify Site

  • Increase conversion and sales.
  • Boost your page rank in search.
  • Increase clicks and shares.
  • Improve engagement and build trust.
  • It’s a virtual demo.
  • Videos are quick and digestible.
  • Eliminate consumer doubt.
  • Video content is on the rise with mobile users and younger generations.
  • Reduced returns are a bonus.


Media type

If your theme doesn't support video embedding like in the image above, you can hire a professional developer who likes doughnuts to do it for you or this AltVid alternative.

The first image is the AltVid alternative and the second is the embed feature. Either of them doesn't interrupt your site's loading speed.

Basically, AltVid alternative is just using the image "alt" attribute to render videos.

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